Commercial Solutions

SDK for Devs

When any brand new hardware or software gets released, if it is truly meant to be mass-produced, it must give 3rd party developers a chance at working with it. Here's when the concept of the SDK (Software Developer Kit) comes in handy. Be sure that the technical documentation, toolkits and the source code, among all other dev-friendly resources that we provide will be incredibly easy for you to work with!
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Dynamic Store

While some VR gadgets come compatible with an incredibly small number of games and miscellaneous apps, the RufusVR is actually way ahead of the competition! Our built-in, dynamic store will let you easily look for and find what you're looking for, be it a modern game, a handy application or anything else. Compared to the likes of what such undisputed industry leaders as Microsoft and Oculus have to offer, we do...
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VR Academy

Learning about the new technology is always tricky, especially if you consider just how fast-paced the industry is. Not to mention that the Virtual Reality niche gets updated with some brand new stuff, features, and technological developments quite literally at the speed of light. Which ultimately means, that you will always have to adapt and learn new skills. We'll give you such an edge, thanks to our advanced VR courses.
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